What's Not Working for Women @ Work!

A Dialogue To Fix It

Exploring Challenges For Women @ Work

Early 2020, just before the pandemic, 60 women from leading organisations including VMware, Microsoft, Dell, Cloudera, Cork Chamber of Commerce, Cork City Council, Bank of Ireland, joined in dialogue to explore the issues for women in the workplace and how to fix it.

Women At Work Dialogue I Event Recap I February 2020

Some Of The World’s Leading Enterprises Engaged In The Dialogue
Why Women Need Change

Niamh Gunn, founder of the Dialogue opened the session, with a heart-felt perspective of why she has a desire for change. Women from across different workplaces at every level joined her and had similar experiences and ideas for change.

Women engaged in a conversation waiting to happen for decades and there was a sense of relief of not being alone. Listen here to their ideas for change.

We Need Dialogue For Change I Insights From Dialogues

If I Had My Time Back

A Conversation We Have Wanted for Decades

Insights From Women Why We Need Change

Top 5 Challenges. How to Fix Them!

Within the dialogue, the women explored the critical challenges around
issues in the workplace, they identified culture as the overall major challenge, next with leadership. Top issues included: resistance to adapt, confidence issues and lack of female support.

Pilot experiments, change language to productivity and engage the team to find solutions to implement were voted as top solutions. Watch the ideas voted and agreed by the leaders.

Top 5 Barriers to Implement And Top 5 Solutions Dialogue Report


Leadership an Issue


Culture Is A Challenge


Resources A Difficulty

Impact Of The Dialogue Code

Impact of the Dialogue I Eimear Michael I Microsoft

Benefits Of The Code I Mary Prendergast I HR Consultant

Ideas for Change

Professional women came together to support each other and collaborate in a dialogue on how organizational culture needs to change, to start engaging at a fundamental level, so as to be able to meet and address the current needs of women in the workplace.

Impact Of The Dialogue Code

Impact of the Dialogue I Women’s Perspectives

Benefits Of The Code I Charlotte Lockharte I CEO 4-Day Work Week