Terms and Conditions

When interacting with the Dialogue Code pages you have the opportunity to contribute to our campaign for change where all people, all ages are invited to have a say. we are interested in the wisdom of elders, the enthusiasm of children and the voice of the forgotten. together, we will imagine our future world where everyone will thrive.  have your say and select the way you wish to share.

Submissions to the Dialogue Code page can be made through a voluntary upload of content such as drawings, videos, songs, pictures and messages or through participating in our surveys.

Entries via the submission form such as photographs, video and sound recordings containing your image, likeness, appearance and voice may be published including on the Dialogue Code we pages, social media or other digital outlets. The photographs, video and sound recordings may be used in whole or in part, alone or with other recordings. The photographs, video and sound recordings may be used for any educational, institutional, informational, promotional purposes whatsoever.

We reserve the right, to decide which content will be published.
You will not receive compensation for the use of your image, likeness, appearance, and voice now or in the future. This is completely voluntary and up to you.

The Dialogue Code has the right and may allow others outside the organisation to copy, edit, alter, retouch, revise and otherwise change the photographs, video and sound recordings at the discretion of The Dialogue Code.

You further give permission to The Dialogue Code to use your name in or in connection with any such uses of the photographs, video and sound recordings. Your submission has been submitted as part of the campaign for change and will only be used as part of the campaign and be held by the Dialogue Code until the time the campaign has ended.

When taking part in our surveys your information will be published in form of research results. We will not ask for your name but your answers will contribute to an overall result displayed in form of charts and statistics. This will be made available for download later on.