how we got started – key moments


In 2012 Niamh Ni Mhuiri, social entrepreneur, solicitor and mother had a vision to put being well at the heart of Irish society. The idea was inspired by a number of personal challenges and family tragedies she experienced in her life. And so began her passion for sparking conversations of truth and transformation.


niamh began with a small team with carrying out preliminary research. engaging with the public, organisations  and students in UCC in exploring people’s well being. Over 1,000 people engaged  in our desktop research and then we went to Liss Ard Estate, in Cork, to listen & talk about the well-being needs of our nation. 



We designed a dialogue process to “Harness the Power of the Collective” and piloted a “Transformational Leadership Programme”. We hosted in Cork the ‘Pepsico Global Summit’ with over 100 global participants to dialogue on the barriers to the occupational health agenda and unearthed possible solutions.


We piloted a Transformational Programme with the Microsoft Leadership team over 18 months inviting a community  of facilitators to come together weaving  creative processes with different facilitation methodologies and styles to create a unique experience.


September 2017,  we held a dialogue in Ireland with the Global Council of Occupational Health Nurses and the Council of American Association of Occupational Health.

We also worked with 300 Law Society Students. We developed a train the trainer programme and did a dialogue on well being and the barriers in the legal sector.


We got some funding from the HSE and the The Dialogue Code was cracked. Our founder Niamh decided the time had come now to go live and launch the Dialogue Code in 2019.


In February, we partnered with The Creative Zone at UCC to piloted a series of events harnessing the power of the collective. Our focus  was to support women thrive who are in the start-up space and in leadership. We were supported by Musgraves, UCC, Dell, PepsiCo, Microsoft who have been with us since the pilot in 2012.

February 2019

We piloted a Startup Lab – Challenge Day in the Creative Zone, UCC. four female led startups were supported by Cullen (Cully & Sully), Jonathan Healy, Pat Lynch, Susie Horgan, Michelle Darmody and entrepreneurs from Ballymaloe.

March 2019

We carried out research with a group of employees from cross sectors to explore the barriers to well-being for women in the workplace. We were delighted to have trailblazing climber Pat Falvey join us with his stories of climbing Everest.

April 2019

April 2019

We overnighted and did a leadership retreat with a group of c-suite leaders from across Ireland including representatives from Enterprise Ireland, Dell, UCC, Carbery Group, Cork Chamber of Commerce and PepsiCo to explore the challenges of well being. we were delighted with the wisdom of Dr. Laurence Crowley to inspire us.

November 2019

Mary Good (COO AMCHAM), Ruth Buckley (CTO Cork City Council) Tara O’Leary (Global  EHS  Director PepsiCo), Virginia (Founder Brandwagon), Jill Bergin (Director Dell) & Gretta Crowely (Former HSE ) meet in Cork City Council to ignite the ‘future of work’.

January 2020

the leadership dialogue change series to support the future of work was launched. Cathriona Hallahan, MD of Microsoft kindly offered to host our leadership dialogue. This was supported by Cork City Council, Cork Chamber of Commerce, Dell, PepsiCo, VmWare, Perry Street, Microsoft, Sodexo, Cubic Telecom.

February 2020

we ignited our first dialogue of the change series. 60 women from across organisations , backgrounds and levels  joined a dialogue  at UCC to explore the challenges and solutions in the modern workplace. we were delighted to have leaders from the UK and Australia in the room.

February 2020

February 2020

February 2020

Vmware kindly sponsored a dialogue to explore the challenges to implementing a 4 Day work week and the solutions. We were delighted to have 35 leaders  join us at UCC from cross sector and discipline with the trailblazing pioneers  of the Global 4 Day Work week movement  New Zealand Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockharte.

March 2020

we held a 2 module dialogue code workshop with 35 female master students at UCC and explored the challenges of being happy and confident and the solutions. We were delighted to have Gill Bergin Dell, Tara O’Leary PepsiCo, Anthony  VmWare and  Gretta Crowley.

April 2020

80 c level leaders across Ireland joined us  on;ine to ignite the collaborative leadership community with Cathriona Hallehan, Microsoft, Tim O’ Connor former Chair of the Gathering, and Michelle Maldonado faculty of Goleman Institute leading the session

April 2020

we held a series of friday lunchtime breathe dialogue check in series with global musicians and facilitators joining us including Sam and Luci Williams, Anna Krantz and Michelle Moldanado, faculty of Goleman Institute.

May 2020

The Dialogue Code tribe expanded to launch our ‘Future Vision’ and ‘Be Together’ campaign. This was possible with the help of an international hive of volunteers and guidance from offered by Microsoft, Dell, Mishon, IBM.

May 2020

The ‘Be Together’ song was imagined by Sam and Luci (US global musicians) who gathered their peers to create our own ‘Be Together Anthem’.

June 2020

We launched our global campaign for change. Future Vision was born.