A Framework For Evolving Workplace Culture To Thrive

We Help Workplaces Bring Culture Change Through Dialogue Workshops, Well-Being Challenges, Collaboration Circles And Community.
Connect & Thrive Dialogue Workshops

Highly interactive dialogue workshops, with reflective exercises woven in the sessions. Our range of dialogue programmes help create a workplace where people feel they belong, are fulfilled and effective.

Well-Being Challenge Programme

Our Be Together Well-Being Challenge Programme encourage and enhance well-being fulfillment and happiness, developing and nurturing inner awareness. Attendees connect with each other through our fun, engaging challenges.

Virtual Peer to Peer Private Community

Our online community supports attendees feel supported to bring change with our dedicated spaces for collaboration. A secure private platform ensures attendees stay connected both during and after our dialogue workshops.

Connect And Thrive Workshops
UPlift Me To Thrive

UPlift Me To Thrive Dialogue Programme builds happiness and confidence. Attendees leave our workshops feeling fulfilled and more confident. Attendees develop deeper self-awareness, compassion and empathy, there is a real sense of hope and the possibility of a brighter future.

UPlift Work To Thrive

This programme supports C-level, HR and change-leaders create a workplace culture where employees are fulfilled in work and creates a workplace culture that gets results and people feel they belong. This process supports a group get clarity on what's blocking fulfillment and belonging, and to voice in a safe way. This is a code to align employees and leaders to work together for everyone to thrive.

Connect To Thrive

This dialogue programme supports creating a workplace culture where change happens from the inside out. This programme includes both UPlift Me And UPlift Work to Thrive. Change happens for both the employee and workplace. A powerful process where employees feel heard, fulfillment is ignited and belonging created. Collective Action from a place of holistic listening.

Evolve Work Together

This dialogue supports leaders and organisations evolve their workplace to be effective. It supports teams, groups with a communal challenge, supporting them get collective clarity. This powerful programme aligns teams and leaders to get results together, where there is a real appreciation for being heard. This programme creates a space to voice the unspoken in a safe way.

We work with diverse communities and workplaces with a desire for change. We are a bridge between different cultures, ages and backgrounds.
Community And Well-being Challenges
You Will Be Supported In A Community Of Peers

As part of the our programmes, participants get access to the Dialogue Code private online community powered by Workvivo. As part of the community platform, we have dedicated resources and well-being spaces supporting participants to sustain change, collaborate and keep connected post dialogue.

Events And Truth Talks Igniting A Holistic Way Of Being

As part of our Community, participants get access to the Dialogue Code event programme. On a regular basis, we host events and workshops supporting participants to sustain change, collaborate and keep connected post dialogue.

We offer onsite, offsite, virtual programmes from 1/2 day to 12 month programmes. Attendees connect with themselves and others, uplifted to move forward with ease.
What Our Community Have Said...

Our unique dialogue methods support attendees to take time to pause and reveal transformational insights. Our proven model builds trust, increases awareness, aligns teams & creates thriving workplace cultures.

Greta Crowley, Former HSE I Reflections Of A Leader “If I Had My Time Back”

Eimear Michaels, Microsoft I  “Taking Ownership Of My Plan”

Experience The Power Of the Process At A Public Dialogue Workshop. Experience Clarity On Communal Challenges. Collective connection emerges in our sessions.
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