The Dialogue Code is an initiative supported by leaders from across business, education, entrepreneurship, culture and the arts. It was inspired by Social Entrepreneur and Founder Niamh Ní Mhuirí who is known as a thought leader and for her work in human rights endeavors. Six years ago, Niamh carried out a National conversation on Well-being at Liss Ard estate, 1,000’s of people, leaders both here and abroad have participated in the events and dialogues on well-being since.

The project has attracted some leading key advisors including Dr. Laurence Crowley former Chairman of Smurfit Business School, Cathriona Hallahan MD Microsoft Ireland, Tara O’Leary PepsiCo Global Occupational Health Leader, Tim O’Connor former Chairman of the Gathering and Bill Liao Co-founder CoderDojo, Philanthropist and Serial Entrepreneur. It is endearing to know that the current advisors have all supported this initiative since the beginning. Research unpacked in Liss Ard found the activities that supported people in times of transition included Nature, Creativity/Physical Activity, Mindfulness, and Meaningful Conversation.

This is the bedrock of The Dialogue Code.


“If it is really to succeed you have to work on some practice that opens the heart. That needs to underline a movement like this. Getting people to come together to discuss  some real issues could be invaluable”

Ivor Browne, retired psychiatrist 2014

“I love how this project has  invited and actively listened to the opinions of people from all walks of life and society. The views of all seemed to be valued. What a great star! I hope this succeeds; it would be a huge benefit to our local community and Ireland as a whole.”

Retreat participant, Liss Ard pilot 2014

“I have collaborated with Niamh for several years. I was one of the key advisors to Niamh for the pilot and witnessed Niamh’s ability to gather incredible people around her and inspire them to engage with her vision and produce excellent results in multiple dimensions. There are few people that would have reached the targets and brand capacity that Niamh developed during the pilot.”

Bill Liao, Advisor to the Dialogue Code 2014 - 2020

“A stunning location, superb service and spiritual environment create an ambience and atmosphere that allows great things to happen”

Kingsley Aikins, CBE CEO Diaspora Matters 2014
“Niamh is the most humanitarian charismatic colleague that I have known. Her commitment to social justice is simply a ‘tour de force’!”
Maura Butler, Course Manager Law Society, Advisor to the pilot 2014

Niamh has a huge heart and deep integrity. Her ability to get others to truly see the wood from the trees is remarkable and while she is a tower of compassion, she also knows that people need straight talk and targets to be a success and Niamh has a deep grasp of what excellence looks like and the sacrifices that entrepreneurs need to make to see their vision through to reality and commercial viability. Over all I completely commend Niamh to anyone seeking her with them as an asset and as a person who can make things happen and who can make sure others make things happen. Niamh will bring the spirit to the teams and the connection.

Bill Liao, Advisor to the Dialogue Code 2014 - 2020

It seems to me that the work you are doing in Cork, Niamh, fits perfectly with the broad goal and strategy we have been advocating here. There are many ways to engage in a national consultation, but it is important the design have a power of purpose, be coherent and well supported, and generate a sustained positive impact that reflects the collective intelligence of the people of Ireland. The Well looks beautiful! Congratulations on all the great work

Dr. Michael Hogan, NUI Galway Strategic 2014

“I was fortunate enough to be at Liss Ard at the recent event. It was a first experience for me to see a leader in action, surrounded by her followers, of which I am one. Niamh has been a friend of my family going back some 30 years. Her achievements are recognised in the media not just in Ireland but also in the United States. Her resilience in the face of extreme personal misfortune is the stuff of legends. That is why many others and I feel there is nothing this lady cannot accomplish when she sets her mind to it.”

Liam Hogan, Retired Consultant Deloitte, Advisor to the Pilot 2014 - 2018