celebrate true heroes

in these extraordinary times, we want to make sure we highlight and celebrate those who are shining a light for us, showing courage and true leadership.

we honour heroes who embody integrity, have good values, always do the right thing. in our book true leaders support and serve others.

we would love to celebrate your true heroes, hear stories of honour, wisdom and true service. we will profile them online and across our campaign for change. they will inspire and ignite change.

book of heroes

celebrate those who have been a true hero in your life or in your community, who embody true leadership. honour them here, share what they have done. send us their photo and a short note or a video describing their super-power.


book of wisdom

we’re interested in including wisdom from across the planet in how to create our new world. we want to include a cross mix of voices. if you would like to nominate someone or yourself, please tell us their wisdom.

message wall

We would love you to leave a heartfelt message on our wall. any, messages, inspired thoughts, ideas you would like to share as part of our campaign for change, please do here and we will include your words.