Our New Way With Work Dialogue Unpacked What's Working? How to Fix What's Not!

Just before Summer Break 2021, 40 Global Senior Leaders from
across the world engaged in a virtual dialogue, to explore what’s
working with the new way of working and to fix what’s not.

Explore here, the ideas that emerged in our sessions and
listen to the leaders voice their ideas.

Leaders Were Curious About New Ways ....

Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland opened the session, with Leaders in Cork City Council and Cork Chamber of Commerce kindly championing the dialogue. Leaders dialed in from Seattle, Mexico, New York, Dublin, Cork, Copenhagen and the Netherlands.

Some Of The World’s Leading Enterprises Engaged In The Dialogue
What Was Uncovered In The Dialogue?

Over 3 weeks, the leaders explored what's working, not working and ideas for change. They engaged in separate break out rooms, then voted as a group on the top 5. Boundaries between work and home featured as a number one issue, while listening to employees as a solution for the future.


Solutions to Issue 01 I Boundaries With Work Derval McDonagh I General Manager, Cope 2:38
Solutions to Issue 02 I We Are Existing Not Living Jessica Schmidt I Global VP HR, Adidas 5:18
Solutions to Issue 03 I No Space to Connect Aideen Cardiff I Director Consulting, Microsoft 3:18
Solutions to Issue 04 I We've Fear of Judgement Matt Padwick I Facilitator 1:58
Solutions Issue 05 I Addressing Leadership Caitriona Fottrell I CEO Ireland Funds 1:08
Solutions Issue 06 I Holistic Leadership Cathriona Hallahan I MD Microsoft 0:29
Room 01 Issues I Conflict with Business Goals & Personal Needs Cristin Leach I Facilitator 0:49
Room 02 Issues I The Lack of Empathy on Change Tracey Martin I Microsoft 2:37
Room 03 Issues I Boundaries With Work Derval McDonagh I General Manager 2:01
The Same Themes Repeated Over And Over In The Session.....

There was a real sense of community and appreciation for leadership peers, from across the world, being able to talk honestly on the real issues. Relief for some, when they realised they were not alone, with some admitting they were struggling with this new way of working. To explore, listen here to the shared insights (grouped by theme) or sit back and enjoy some of the highlights.

Awareness I Not Enough Space to Connect
Systems I Humans Are Working Like Machines
Leadership I Have Courage To Lead By Example
Wellbeing I Small Changes Can Have a Big Difference
Recital I Your Courage Kindled
Reflection I Space Between Silence
Shifting Sands
A Sense of Relief To Be Able to Chat And Get Clarity

The Leaders in each session broke into break out rooms to explore their top 5 ideas, issues and solutions. Here we have listed all of their statements and categorised by votes. You can also view the summary top 5 statements that were overall agreed upon by the group. For ease, please download the reports.
We believe from inner truth comes collective clarity. Collective agreement gives leaders clarity and confidence on ideas to implement.