a place to belong

a gathering of culture and wellbeing while apart

the magic door

peep inside

creative camp

who dares, wins

wall of thanks

attitude gratitude

pulse of the people

warm your heart

our dream - to be a beacon

If you seek a time out, we’re here for you. If you need a hearty giggle, we’ll tickle you. If you want to be creative, we’ll challenge you. If you yearn for community, we’ll support you. Be Together is a beacon of connection. We are committed to support you feel good during this time of being apart.

We’re a safe space during this time of separation. We’re proud to be an inter-generational and inter-cultural portal of light. We bring inspiration and laughter to the global community. We’re driven by the Wisdom of our land, the Courage and Heart of its people.

Our team of creative gatherers and change agents describe the vision of Be Together.

Tim O’ Connor, former Chair of the Gathering explains why we need to Be Together.

US based musicians Sam and Luci sing Be Together Anthem!

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