How To Cultivate Happiness And Build Confidence?

In Autumn 2021, 30 UCC Postgraduate and PHD candidates engaged in a virtual dialogue, to explore the challenges with happiness and self-confidence and to find effective pathways for the future.

Explore here, the ideas that emerged in our sessions and
listen to the students voice their ideas.

How To Uncover Happiness And Confidence?
What Was Uncovered In The Dialogue?

Over 4 weeks, the students explored what's blocking their happiness and confidence. Together, we identified solutions to overcome the challenges. They engaged in separate break out rooms, then voted as a group on the top 5.

Fear for the future featured as a number one issue, while taking time out and eating one bite at a time as a solution for the future.


Believe Work Is The Overall Issue


Fear Of Not Being Good Enough


Feel The Mind Is A Challenge

A Snapshot Of Ideas Explored

There was a real sense of community and appreciation for PHD peers from across the campus, being able to talk honestly on the real issues. Relief for some, when they realised they were not alone, with some admitting they were struggling with this new way of working and living.

Explore the ideas that emerged in our sessions and
listen to the students experience.

When Are You Thriving?
Shifts in Mindset With Life-Changing Impact

Across the sessions, there was a communal challenge of “Imposter Syndrome” with 60% of participants agreeing “Fear of not being good enough is a major issue”. A huge sense of relief they were not alone and a realisation of the power and impact of simple things to overcome it – such as taking one bite at a time, observing the inner critic and celebrating all you have achieved and being with family, nature, and doing things that make you feel ease.