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when inspired we get clarity on next steps. we want to hear in creative & fun ways, “What needs to Change to Create Our New World”.  answer our questions through song, art, movement or words. choose a theme, decide your expression style, share it with us.


choose a theme

decide with whom & expression style



hold the camera horizontally

hold up a sign with first name, city, country

(check light)


using #futureworldcampaign

time to shine

be part of the change

theme a

our future world

how to create our new world?

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theme b

our true heroes

celebrate our superheroes

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theme c


messages for the new world

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highlights from the creativity lab

look at the fun busy bees are having

struggling to get creative

we got you covered

doodle time

enjoy colouring these doodles by cantillona design.
label your entry with your first name, city, country before uploading.

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singing time

enjoy singing along to the campaign anthem. listen to the lyrics below and watch global musicians Addi, Alexa, Anders, Erin, Gouga, Luci and Sam global musicians sing our anthem, betogether.
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ideas for change

truth talk

“If it is really to succeed you have to work on some practice that opens the heart. That needs to underline a movement like this. Getting people to come together to discuss some real issues could be invaluable.”
Ivor Browne, retired psychiatrist 2014
“A stunning location, superb service and spiritual environment create an ambience and atmosphere that allows great things to happen”
Kingsley Aikins, CBE CEO Diaspora Matters 2014
“Collectively increasing the quality, quantity and depth of well-being in the world must be the greatest aspiration of any true civilisation. The Dialogue Code  seeks to be a beacon of that light.”
Bill Liao, Entrepreneur, Investor, Philanthropist, Author 2014
“I love how this project has  invited and actively listened to the opinions of people from all walks of life and society. The views of all seemed to be valued. What a great star! I hope this succeeds; it would be a huge benefit to our local community and Ireland as a whole.”
Retreat participant, Liss Ard pilot 2014
“If it is really to succeed you have to work on some practice that opens the heart. That needs to underline a movement like this. Getting people to come together to discuss
some real issues could be invaluable” Ivor Browne – retired psychiatrist 2014
The opportunity that this offers has to be recognised as a catalyst for positive change in the world of work and embraced by all who want to be part of that change.”
Siobhán Finn, Project Director, The Cork Innovates Partnership 2019
“It seems to me that the work you are doing in Cork, Niamh, fits perfectly with the broad goal and strategy we have been advocating here. There are many ways to engage in a national consultation, but it is important the design have a power of purpose, be coherent and well supported, and generate a sustained positive impact that reflects the collective intelligence of the people of Ireland. What you are doing looks beautiful! Congratulations on all the great work.”
Dr. Michael Hogan, NUI Galway Strategic 2014
“The future lies with us understanding human relationships the last 2 decades were the era for technology now we need to move into the ‘people’ space – if not we
will pass ourselves out; burn out and never develop real growth relationships.”
HR Manager, Dialogue May 2014
“The Dialogue Code is such a magical place. Each time I walk through the doors I feel as if something extraordinary happens! My heart and creative centres open, I suddenly feel as if anything is possible, as if all obstacles in my life melt away. Wouldn’t it be amazing if this space was available to all.”
Retreat participant, Liss Ard 2014
“I was really encouraged to discover that many individuals are ambitious to effect positive change in their workplaces and that there was full consensus that the often ‘frenetic’ approach to work is not always what is best for our colleagues, our workplace (and of course our families). This is not the first time I have heard this acknowledged. However, this is the first time that I have been presented with the opportunity to feed this opinion back to a group of influential leaders who can effect change from the top down (recognising that change also has to flow from the bottom-up).”
Siobhán Finn, Project Director, The Cork Innovates Partnership 2019
“The Dialogue Code is a wonderful concept. It has the potential to enhance the well-being of so many people in our community and beyond. I recently participated in a Spring workshop called, “New Beginnings” with our women’s group. From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed and cared for. Liss Ard is such a special place. Everyone should have the opportunity to visit and be nurtured.”
Susan O’ Regan, Skibbereen Family Resource Centre 2014