imagining a future world

a world where all have freedom to thrive

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a code for change

how we will do it…

let’s harness the power of people working together to imagine our new world.
our dialogue code for change will include the voice of all people and support leaders to ignite change
across communities and workplaces across the globe.
we know we need change, together we can do it.


we’ll gather the pulse of the people, host truth booths and get ideas in fun & creative ways to get clarity on collective ideas that will work.


we’ll ignite leaders, communities and individuals to join our dialogues for change to get clarity. following this, we’ll support them through our online collaboration tools and our virtual communities.


we’ll share capsules of the people’s hearts and ideas for change online and as part of our be together campaign for change.

create our new world

be part of our campaign for change

all people, all ages are invited to have a say. we are interested in the wisdom of elders, the enthusiasm of children and the voice of the forgotten. together, we will imagine our future world where everyone will thrive.  have your say and select the way you wish to share.

our campaign for change

ways to express yourself

your stories and ideas

answer our short questions or be a writer and share your stories and ideas for change

my ideas

your creative ideas

shine your creative spirit, answer your ideas for change through words, songs, art or movement

my creativity

your true heroes

pay tribute to heroes, wisdom holders, celebrate those who have passed. who inspires you?

my heroes

the power of diversity

igniting a global family

be a community catalyst

we call on the irish global family and all communities of the planet to create our global village and a future where all are treated equally and have freedom to reach their full potential have your say and select the way you wish to activate your community or work place. to get involved visit below

engage your community

time to shine

be an event contributor

we invite thought-leaders, musicians, artists, creators, imagineers, the people of the planet to move and inspire others to ignite change. this is the people’s project. we are interested in artists, musicians, creators to shape our events with us. if this speaks to your heart, do get in touch.

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