How To Implement The 4-Day Work Week

Exploring 4 - Day Work Week

Early 2020, Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart the founders of the 4 - day work week were joined in UCC, Cork by 40 senior leaders from leading organisations including VMware, Microsoft, Dell, Cloudera, Bank of Ireland and Laya Healthcare in a dialogue aiming to explore how to implement the 4 day work week. The event was kindly sponsored by VmWare.

4-Day Work Week Dialogue I Event Recap I February 2020

Some Of The World’s Leading Enterprises Engaged In The Dialogue
Why 4-Day Work Week Works!

Anthony McCoy, Director at VmWare opened the session, sharing the heart-felt perspective of a father and husband who has a desire for a new way of working for himself and his staff.

Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockharte the founders of the 4-Day global movement shared how it helped their organisation increase productivity by 40% and decrease stress levels. Listen here.

Productivity went up 40% I Andrew Barnes I Founder of 4-Day Work Week

A Fathers Perspective Of Why Four Day Makes Sense I Anthony McCoy I Director I VmWare

Benefits of 4 Day Work Week Charlotte Lockharte I CEO 4-day Work Week Foundation

Trust A Key Part I Andrew Barnes I Founder 4 Day-Week Foundation

Top 5 Challenges. How to Fix Them!

Within the dialogue, leaders explored the critical challenges around implementing the 4-day work week, they identified leadership as the overall major challenge, with how do we know it works and measure productivity as top concerns.

Pilot experiments, change language to productivity and engage the team to find solutions to implement were voted as top solutions. Watch the ideas voted and agreed by the leaders.

Top 5 Barriers to Implement And Top 5 Solutions Dialogue Report


Leadership an Issue


Culture Is A Challenge


Resources A Difficulty

The 4 Day Work Week Can Change Work Culture

Implementing the 4-day work week requires empowering leadership and trust at all levels of an organisation. And the courage to take a step towards creating a new future workplace anchored in well-being

Critical to success, that the team take ownership of increasing productivity by 20%, so business is not impacted and optimises employee engagement.

Impact Of The Dialogue Code

Why The Code Works I Conor Healy I CEO Cork Chamber of Commerce

Benefits Of The Code I Charlotte Lockharte I CEO 4-Day Work Week